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inbounds is a grammatical form of: inbound »


1. adjective TRANSP towards destination2. adjective TELECOM incoming3. adjective SPOR (basketball) putting ball back in play4. adverb TRANSP towards destination5. verb SPOR (basketball) 1 adjective TRANSP towards destinationisteach  c m uall inbound flights to Cork are cancelled tá gach eitilt isteach go Corcaigh ar ceal 2 adjective TELECOM incomingisteach  c m uinbound calls glaonna isteach 3 (also inbounds) adjective SPOR (basketball) putting ball back in playisteach  c m uinbounds pass pas isteach 4 adverb TRANSP towards destinationar an mbealach isteachtraffic delays were caused inbound cuireadh moill ar an trácht ar an mbealach isteach 5 verb SPOR (basketball)
TRANSITIVEcaith isteach  c m uto inbound a ball liathróid a chaitheamh isteach san imirt
INTRANSITIVEcaith isteach  c m uan liathróid a chaitheamh isteach san imirtLos Angeles inbounded with less than five seconds remaining chuir Los Angeles an liathróid isteach san imirt agus níos lú ná cúig shoicind fágtha

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