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1. adjective of empire2. adjective of emperor3. adjective majestic, splendid4. adjective domineering5. adjective MEAS non-metric6. adjective MEAS paper size7. noun MEAS non-metric system8. noun beard 1 adjective of empireimpiriúil adj2  c m uthe imperial army arm na himpireachta 2 adjective of emperorimpiriúil adj2  c m uimpire  c m uthe imperial palace pálás an impire
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3 adjective majestic, splendidmaorga adj3  c m uríúil adj2  c m u 4 adjective domineeringceannasach adj1  c m utiarnúil adj2  c m udíomasach adj1  c m u 5 adjective MEAS non-metricimpiriúil adj2  c m u 6 adjective MEAS paper sizeimpiriúil adj2  c m u 7 noun MEAS non-metric systeman córas impiriúil 8 (also imperial beard) noun beardféasóg impiriúil  c m umeigillín  c m u

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