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1. noun ZOOL of animal2. noun FOOD joint of meat3. noun DRINK wine4. verb pawn5. verb sell
1 noun ZOOL of animalspeir 2 noun FOOD joint of meatlorga fem4alt  c m u 3 noun DRINK winehoch foreign 4 verb informal pawn TRANSITIVEcuir i ngeall 5 verb informal sell TRANSITIVEdíol verb

to get sth out of hock

rud a fhuascailt

in hock

1 informal in pawnshopi ngeallhe put his instruments in hock chuir sé a chuid uirlisí i ngeall 2 informal, pejorative in debti bhfiachashe's in hock for two grand to a moneylender tá fiacha dhá mhíle ag iasachtóir airgid uirthi 3 in sb's controlfaoi smachtthe party's in hock to the trade unions tá an páirtí faoi smacht ag na ceardchumainn