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1 (also Government) noun group who govern a country or arearialtas masc1  c m uthe French government rialtas na Fraincea new government was elected this year toghadh rialtas nua i mblianahe retired after nine years in government chuaigh sé ar scor i ndiaidh naoi mbliana sa rialtascentral government rialtas láir a member of the government ball den rialtas a head of government ceannaire rialtaisgovernment departments ranna rialtais 2 noun systemrialtas masc1  c m udemocratic government rialtas daonlathachfederal government rialtas feidearálach, rialtas cónaidhme 3 noun process of controlling, regulating sthrialú masc  c m uthe government of the currency rialú an airgeadra

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