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1. noun in fence, hedge, wall2. noun entrance to match or event3. noun AERO, TOUR at airport4. noun number in audience5. noun total collected from audience6. noun barrier on river or canal7. noun COMP in computing8. noun SPOR in skiing
1 noun in fence, hedge, wallgeata masc4  c m u 2 noun entrance to match or eventgeata masc4  c m udoras masc1  c m uslí isteach  c m ubealach isteach  c m upay at the gate íoc ag an ngeatathere are tickets available on the gate tá ticéid ar fáil ag an ngeata, tá ticéid ar fáil ar an tslí isteach, tá ticéid ar fáil ag an doras
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3 noun AERO, TOUR at airportgeata masc4  c m u 4 noun number in audiencetinreamh masc1  c m uslua masc4  c m uthere was a big gate at the game bhí slua mór ag an gcluiche 5 (also gate money) noun total collected from audiencethe gate was €40,000 €40,000 a tugadh isteach ar an ngeata 6 noun barrier on river or canalgeata masc4  c m u 7 noun COMP in computinggeata masc4  c m u 8 noun SPOR in skiinggeata masc4  c m u

to give sb the gate

(US), informalbata agus bóthar a thabhairt do dhuinean doras a thabhairt do dhuine

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