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1 noun (especially US) rubbish, wastebruscar masc1  c m udramhaíl fem3  c m uto put the garbage out an bruscar a chur amachto collect the garbage an bruscar a bhailiú, an dramhaíl a bhailiú 2 noun (especially US) place or container for wasteto throw sth in the garbage rud a chaitheamh sa bhruscarhe found the bottles in the garbage fuair sé na buidéil i measc na dramhaíola
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3 noun informal nonsenseamaidí fem4  c m useafóid fem2  c m uit's just a load of garbage níl ann ach deargamaidí, níl ann ach cnap amaidí, níl ann ach seafóid cheart chríochnaitheyou're talking a load of garbage tá tú ag caint seafóide, níl aon dealramh le do chuid cainte, níl bun ná barr le do chuid caintewhat absolute garbage! a leithéid de sheafóid!, a leithéid d'amaidí!

garbage in, garbage out

COMPdramhaíl isteach, dramhaíl amach