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Similar words: fizzy · fuzz · frizzy · buzz · dizzy · fizz · fully · funky · funny · furry
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1. adjective unclear; confused2. adjective covered with soft hairs3. adjective of hair, tightly curled4. adjective MUS making a buzzing sound5. adjective COMP approximate6. adjective warm, happy 1 adjective unclear; confuseddoiléir adj1  c m u 2 adjective covered with soft hairsclúmhach adj1  c m u 3 adjective of hair, tightly curledmionchatach adj  c m u 4 adjective MUS making a buzzing soundsiosctha 5 adjective COMP approximatedoiléire  c m uneamhbheacht adj  c m ufuzzy matching meaitseáil neamhbheacht 6 adjective informal warm, happyteolaí adj3  c m usuáilceach adj1  c m u

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