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Similar words: freaking · sneezing · wheezing · freshening · free zone · breezily · freebie · freesia · freeze · freezer
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freezing is a grammatical form of: freeze »


1 adjective below 0 degreeswe're experiencing freezing temperatures tá an teocht faoi bhun an reophointe againnfreezing weather aimsir sheaca 2 adjective very coldsiocthaconáiltestrompthapréachta  c m umy fingers are freezing tá mo mhéara sioctha, tá mo mhéara préachtafreezing wind gaoth fheanntach 3 noun freezing pointit protects the pipes against freezing cosnaíonn sé na píopaí ar an siockeep it at or below freezing coinnigh é ag an reophointe nó faoina bhun 4 noun FIN of prices, assets etc reo masc4they recommended the freezing of rates mhol siad rátaí a choinneáil mar atá

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