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1. noun MED break in bone2. noun cracking or breaking apart3. noun division in a group4. verb MED bone5. verb become cracked6. verb divide, split 1 noun MED break in bonebriseadh masc  c m uthe fracture has healed tá an briseadh cneasaithehe suffered two fractures to his wrist bhris sé caol a láimhe in dhá áithip fracture cromán briste 2 noun cracking or breaking apartbriseadh masc  c m upoint of fracture brisphointe
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3 noun division in a groupscoilt fem2  c m udeighilt fem2  c m u 4 verb MED bone TRANSITIVEbris verb  c m uhe fractured two bones in his foot bhris sé dhá chnámh ina chosshe hadn't fractured her skull ní raibh a blaosc scoilte 5 verb become cracked INTRANSITIVEscoilt verb  c m ubronze fractures easily scoilteann cré-umha go héasca 6 verb divide, split
INTRANSITIVEscoilt verb  c m udeighil verb  c m uthe party has fractured tá deighilt sa pháirtí
TRANSITIVEscoilt verb  c m udeighil verb  c m uthe community is fractured by the class system tá an pobal scoilte ag córas na n-aicmí