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1 prefix consisting of or involving forty of sthdaichead  c m uceathracha  c m ua forty-kilometre race rás daichead ciliméadara forty-day trip turas daichead láa forty-part series sraith daichead cuid 2 prefix in compound numbersforty, forty-one, forty-two daichead, daichead a haon, daichead a dó; daichead, daichead is a haon, daichead is a dó; ceathracha, ceathracha a haon, ceathracha a dó; ceathracha, ceathracha is a haon, ceathracha is a dóforty-two percent daichead a dó faoin gcéad, ceathracha a dó faoin gcéadforty-three cakes daichead a trí cáca milis, trí cháca mhilse is daichead, ceathracha a trí cáca milisthe forty-four long years an daichead a ceathair bliain fhada, na ceithre bliana fada is daichead, an ceathracha a ceathair bliain fhadaforty-five of the members responded d'fhreagair daichead a cúig duine de na baill, d'fhreagair cúig dhuine is daichead de na baill, d'fhreagair daichead a cúig de na baill, d'fhreagair ceathracha a cúig duine de na baillforty-six of them are sold tá daichead a sé ceann díobh díolta, tá sé cinn is daichead díobh díolta, tá daichead a sé acu díolta, tá ceathracha a sé ceann díobh díoltashe's forty-seven tá sí daichead a seacht, tá sí ceathracha a seachtpage forty-eight leathanach daichead a hocht, leathanach ceathracha a hochtin forty-ninth position sa naoú háit is daichead, sa naoú háit is ceathracha → see forty

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