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1. adjective indicating position in sequence, order etc2. adverb at number forty in sequence, order etc3. adverb expressing degree4. noun fortieth person or thing5. noun fraction 1 adjective indicating position in sequence, order etcdaicheadú  c m uceathrachadú  c m ufor the fortieth time den daicheadú huairon the fortieth floor ar an daicheadú hurlárafter the fortieth programme tar éis an daicheadú clárhis fortieth match this year an daicheadú cluiche aige i mbliana, a dhaicheadú cluiche i mbliana 2 adverb at number forty in sequence, order etcshe came fortieth tháinig sí sa daicheadú háit
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3 adverb expressing degreethe fortieth biggest city in the world an daicheadú cathair is mó ar domhanhe came fortieth last chríochnaigh sé sa daicheadú háit ón deireadh 4 noun fortieth person or thinghe was the fortieth to qualify ba eisean an daicheadú duine a cháilighthat's the fortieth in the series sin an daicheadú ceann sa tsraith 5 noun fractiondaicheadú masc4  c m uan daicheadú cuid NPa fortieth of the budget an daicheadú cuid den bhuiséad, aon daicheadú den bhuiséadone fortieth of a second aon daicheadú de shoicindthree fortieths trí dhaicheadú