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floating is a grammatical form of: float »


1. adjective in water, air2. adjective population, voter, etc 3. noun of logs, boats, etc4. noun COMM, FIN of company, shares, etc5. noun COMM, FIN of currency 1 adjective in water, airar snámhar bharr uiscear uachtar an uiscefloating bridge droichead snámhafloating ice oighear ar snámhfloating plants plandaí snámha, plandaí snámhacha 2 adjective population, voter, etc aistreach adj1  c m ucomhlúthach  c m ufloating voter vótálaí aistreach, vótálaí comhlúthach
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3 noun of logs, boats, etccur ar snámhthe floating of logs down river lomáin a chur ar snámh le sruth 4 noun COMM, FIN of company, shares, etcbunú go poiblíthe floating of the company bunú an chomhlachta go poiblí 5 noun COMM, FIN of currencycomhlúthacht  c m uthe floating of the pound comhlúthacht an phuint

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