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Similar words: fitter · pitted · -witted · flitter · fretted · fritter · knitted · bitter · dinted · dotted
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fitted is a grammatical form of: fit »


1 adjective CLOTH, FASH garmentluiteach adj1  c m ua fitted shirt léine luiteach, léine fháiscthea loosely fitted coat cóta scaoilteit's slightly fitted at the waist tá sé bogluiteach ar an gcoim 2 adjective CONSTR, DIY wardrobe, kitchen, etcfeistithe  c m ua fitted kitchen cistin fheistithe 3 adjective qualified, suitableoiriúnach adj1  c m ufeiliúnach adj1  c m uhe's not fitted for that job ní fheileann an obair sin dó, ní oireann an obair sin dó, ní obair oiriúnach í sin dóthe plants best fitted to their surroundings na plandaí is fearr atá in oiriúint dá dtimpeallacht

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