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Similar words: fall in · fill-in · call in · dial in · fill up · filling · fit in · fold in · pull in · roll in
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fill in

1 (v + adv) plug up completely TRANSITIVElíon verb  c m uto fill in a hole with sth poll a líonadh le rud 2 (v + adv) occupy yourself, pass time TRANSITIVEcaith verb  c m uto fill in time am a chaitheamh, am a mheilt, an aimsir a bhréagadh, am a chur thart
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3 (v + adv) be a replacement INTRANSITIVEbheith mar ionadaíhe filled in for the goalie ghlac sé áit an chúl báire, d'imir sé mar ionadaí sa chúl 4 (also

fill out

) (v + adv) complete TRANSITIVElíon verb  c m ulíon amach PhrV  c m ucomhlánaigh formal verb  c m u
5 (v + adv) provide details etc TRANSITIVElíon isteach PhrV  c m uscríobh isteach  c m u 6 (v + adv) give information TRANSITIVEto fill sb in about sth duine a chur ar an eolas faoi rud, eolas a thabhairt do dhuine faoi rud, an scéal a insint do dhuine 7 (v + adv) colour in TRANSITIVElíon isteach PhrV  c m udathaigh verb  c m u → see fill

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