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1. noun IND of mineral etc2. noun COMP of information3. noun of promise, confession, etc4. noun MED of tooth etc5. noun COMP of compressed file
1 noun also IND of mineral etceastóscadhbaint fem2  c m uthe extraction of oil from shale eastóscadh ola as sceallpeat extraction baint mhóna 2 noun also COMP of informationasbhaint fem  c m ubaint amach
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3 noun of promise, confession, etcbaint fem2  c m uthe extraction of a promise from sb gealltanas a bhaint as duinethe extraction of confessions by torture duine a chéasadh chun admháil a bhaint as 4 noun MED of tooth etcstoitheadh masc  c m utarraingt fem  c m udental extractions stoitheadh fiacla, tarraingt fiacla 5 noun COMP of compressed fileasbhaint fem  c m u

of ... extraction

she's of Chinese extraction de bhunadh na Síne í