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Similar words: expanded · extend · extruded · intended · distended · pretended · amended · ascended · attendee · attender
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extended is a grammatical form of: extend »


1. adjective longer than usual2. adjective with more things than usual3. adjective ED (of writing etc) long, in-depth4. adjective bigger than usual5. adjective (of hand etc) stretched out 1 adjective longer than usualfada adj3  c m ubreise  c m ubreisithean extended period of time tréimhse bhreisithe ama, tréimhse fhada ama 2 adjective with more things than usualbreise  c m ubreisithesa bhreis  c m uan extended range of services réimse breisithe táirgí
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3 adjective ED (of writing etc) long, in-depthfada adj3  c m uan extended essay móraiste, aiste fhada 4 adjective bigger than usualméadaithefairsingitheoscailte amachthe aerial was fully extended bhí an aeróg oscailte amach ar fadthe extended road was cut through the valley tríd an ngleann a cuireadh fad leis an mbóthar 5 adjective (of hand etc) stretched outsínte amach

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