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Similar words: expose · exploded · expired · expound · imposed · opposed · posed · expressed · composed · disposed
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exposed is a grammatical form of: expose »


1 adjective CONSTR with natural surface visiblenochtanocht adj1  c m uexposed timber adhmad nochta 2 adjective especially ELECTRIC without covering, coating etcnocht adj1  c m uan exposed wire sreang nocht 3 adjective to weathersceirdiúil adj2oscailte adj3  c m urite adj3  c m uthe bay is very exposed to the north wind níl aon fhoscadh ag an mbá ar an ngaoth aduaidh, tá an bá rite ar an ngaoth aduaidh 4 adjective MIL unprotected, inviting attackthey were left exposed to an attack fágadh iad gan cosaint ar ionsaí, ní raibh aon chosaint acu ar ionsaí → see expose