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Similar words: enlarged · enlarger · large · enlargement · recharge · Clare · barge · blare · charge · embargo
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1. verb make bigger2. verb PHOT of photograph3. verb get bigger4. verb give more detail 1 verb make bigger TRANSITIVEméadaigh verb  c m ucuir le PhrV  c m uto enlarge your business cur le do ghnó, do ghnó a mhéadúto enlarge grazing land talamh féaraigh a fhairsingiú 2 verb PHOT of photograph TRANSITIVEméadaigh verb  c m u 3 verb get bigger INTRANSITIVEméadaigh verb  c m uthe gland enlarges méadaíonn an fhaireog 4 verb give more detail INTRANSITIVEto enlarge on a statement cur le ráiteasto enlarge on a theme téama a fhorbairtI'd like to enlarge upon these difficulties ba mhaith liom tuilleadh a rá faoi na deacrachtaí seo

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