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engaged is a grammatical form of: engage »


1. adjective to be married2. adjective COMM of phone line3. adjective of toilet4. adjective doing sth5. adjective interested, committed 6. adjective ARCHIT of column 1 adjective to be marriedgeallta  c m ushe's engaged tá sí gealltathey're engaged tá siad geallta dá chéile, tá gealltanas pósta eatarthu, tá lámh is focal eatarthu, tá siad luaite le chéilethey got engaged thug siad lámh is focal dá chéile, fuair siad gealltahe's engaged to Áine tá sé geallta le hÁine, tá gealltanas pósta idir é agus Áine, tá sé luaite le hÁine 2 adjective COMM of phone linegafa adj3  c m u
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3 adjective of toiletgafa adj3  c m uin úsáid 4 adjective doing sthgafa adj3  c m ugnóthach adj1  c m ucúramach adj1  c m uhe was engaged in making dinner bhí sé gafa leis an dinnéar, bhí sé gnóthach ag réiteach an dinnéir, bhí sé i mbun dinnéir 5 adjective interested, committed he seems positive and engaged tá an chuma air go bhfuil sé dearfach agus gafa leis an gcúram 6 adjective ARCHIT of columnluite isteach le

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