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1. verb remove (disk etc)2. verb throw out forcefully3. verb force (sb) to leave4. verb of pilot 5. noun button 1 verb remove (disk etc) TRANSITIVEdíchuir verb  c m ucuir amach  c m ueject the disk cuir amach an diosca 2 verb throw out forcefully TRANSITIVEeisteilg  c m uteilg verb  c m uthe cargo was ejected out the back teilgeadh an lastas amach ar chúl 3 verb force (sb) to leave TRANSITIVEcaith amach  c m uruaig verb  c m uthey ejected him out into the street chaith siad amach ar an tsráid éthe protesters were forcibly ejected from the meeting caitheadh na léirsitheoirí amach as an gcruinniú le lámh láidir 4 verb of pilot INTRANSITIVEeisteilg  c m uléim amachthe pilot ejected léim an píolóta amach 5 noun (also eject button) buttoncnaipe díchuir