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Similar words: draw on · draft in · drawling · dial in · drag on · drain · draw to · draw up · drawing · drawn
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draw in

1 (v + adv) begin earlier INTRANSITIVEthe evenings were drawing in bhí an tráthnóna ag dul i ngiorrachtthe day was drawing in bhí an lá ag dul ó sholas, bhí an oíche ag titim 2 (v + adv) with seasonal change INTRANSITIVEbheith ag teannadh leatbheith ag déanamh ortthe winter's drawing in tá an geimhreadh ag teannadh linn, tá an geimhreadh ag déanamh orainn
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3 (v + adv) attract TRANSITIVEmeall verb  c m uthe exhibition drew in great crowds mheall an taispeántas na sluaite, bhí tarraingt ag na sluaite ar an taispeántas 4 (v + adv) become more involved TRANSITIVEmeall verb  c m ushe was drawn in by the story mheall an scéal í, chuaigh an scéal i bhfeidhm uirthi 5 (v + adv) withdraw, pull in TRANSITIVEtarraing isteach  c m udraw in your stomach tarraing isteach do bholg 6 (v + adv) suck in TRANSITIVEtarraing isteach  c m uit drew in cold air from outside tharraing sé aer fuar isteach ón taobh amuigh 7 (v + adv) ART add to TRANSITIVEtarraing isteach  c m udraw in the background tarraing isteach an cúlra, cuir isteach an cúlra → see draw

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