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1. noun of attention2. noun of concentration3. noun source of entertainment4. noun diversion 5. noun near madness 1 noun of attentioncur isteach  c m ushe doesn't want any distractions ní mian léi go mbeadh aon rud ag cur isteach uirthi 2 noun of concentrationhis distraction caused the accident a easpa airde ba chúis leis an timpiste 3 noun source of entertainmentcaitheamh aimsire  c m uit's good to have a distraction is maith an rud caitheamh aimsire a bheith agat, is maith rud éigin a bheith le déanamh agat 4 noun diversion it created a distraction for them from the upcoming exams tharraing sé a n-aird ó na scrúduithe a bhí ag teacht 5 noun near madnessseachrán masc1mearbhall masc1he loves her to distraction tá sé doirte i ngrá léi, tá sé fiáin i ngrá léi, tá a chroí istigh inti