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Similar words: dilate · dispute · depute · elute · flute · minute · salute · solute · undiluted · dilution
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1. verb CHEM reduce concentration of2. verb weaken in force3. verb FIN reduce value of4. adjective CHEM less concentrated5. adjective of light, colour etc 1 verb especially CHEM reduce concentration of TRANSITIVEcaolaigh verb  c m utanaigh verb  c m udilute the whiskey with water cuir uisce tríd an bhfuisce, baist an fuisce le huisce 2 verb weaken in force TRANSITIVElaghdaigh verb  c m umaolaigh verb  c m uto dilute the influence of religion tionchar an chreidimh a laghdú, tionchar an chreidimh a lagúto dilute the risk an riosca a mhaolú
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3 verb FIN reduce value of TRANSITIVEcaolaigh verb  c m uto dilute earnings teacht isteach a laghdú 4 adjective especially CHEM less concentratedcaolaithe  c m ucaol- prefcaol adj1  c m udilute acid caolaigéaddilute solution tuaslagán caol 5 adjective of light, colour etctláith adj1  c m ufann adj1  c m udilute colours dathanna caola, dathanna laga, dathanna tréigthedilute sun grian lag