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Similar words: diffused · diffuser · defuse · disuse · infuse · diffusion · coiffure · disabuse · confuse · delouse
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1. verb (cause to) spread 2. verb of light 3. verb PHYS spread to less concentrated area 4. verb disseminate (information) 5. adjective widely spread6. adjective (of light) softened 7. adjective (of writing etc) unfocused 1 verb (cause to) spread
INTRANSITIVEleath verb  c m uspréigh verb  c m uthe colour slowly diffuses leathann an dath go mall
TRANSITIVEleath verb  c m uspréigh verb  c m ucast iron is better at diffusing heat tá iarann teilgthe níos fearr ag leathadh teasa
2 verb of light INTRANSITIVE & TRANSITIVEréscaip verbleath familiar verb  c m u
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3 verb PHYS spread to less concentrated area
INTRANSITIVEidirleath verbthe nitrogen diffuses into the blood idirleathann an nítrigin isteach san fhuil
TRANSITIVEidirleath verb
4 verb disseminate (information) TRANSITIVEscaip verb  c m uleath verb  c m ucraobhscaoil verb  c m uit's an informal way of diffusing information is bealach neamhfhoirmeálta é chun eolas a scaipeadh 5 adjective widely spreadscaipthe adj3leata  c m uspréitedue to the diffuse nature of the cancer toisc go bhfuil an ailse scaipthe 6 adjective (of light) softened bog adj1  c m uin the diffuse light of the evening i solas bog an tráthnóna 7 adjective (of writing etc) unfocusedscaipthe adj3she has a somewhat diffuse style tá stíl saghas scaipthe aici

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