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dial up

TELECOM 1 (v + adv) make connection with
INTRANSITIVEdiailigh verbyou can dial up and connect very quickly is féidir diailiú agus ceangal a dhéanamh go han-tapa
TRANSITIVEdiailigh verbceangail le PhrV  c m uI have to dial up my internet connection caithfidh mé ceangal leis an nasc idirlín
2 (v + adv) (especially US) call (sb) TRANSITIVEglaoch a chur arglaoigh ar PhrV  c m uscairt a chur arscairt ar PhrV  c m u → see dial



dial up

1 adjectivediailithedial-up connection nasc diailithe 2 noundiailchaoi fem4

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