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Similar words: camper · dampen · dapper · dumper · hamper · pamper · tamper · dampener · clamper · scamper
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damper is a grammatical form of: damp »


1 noun of fire, stovemaolaire masc4  c m u 2 noun MUS of pianomaolaí masc 3 noun ENG devicemaolaire masc4  c m u

to put a damper on sth


to put a dampener on sth

) an mhaith a bhaint as rudrud a mhilleadhit put a damper on the opening night bhain sé an mhaith as oíche na hoscailte, mhill sé oíche na hoscailte, chuir sí smúit ar oíche na hoscailtehigh mortgage rates put a dampener on housing construction chuir rátaí arda morgáiste srian le tógáil tithe

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