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Similar words: cut up · come up · tune up · buy up · couple up · cry up · cuddle up · cue in · eye up · fur up
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1. noun THEAT in play etc2. noun prompt for action3. noun PSYCH memory, behaviour trigger4. noun GAMES in billiards, etc5. verb give prompt to6. verb prompt, remind7. verb GAMES in billiards, etc: strike (ball)8. verb CINE, MUS program (equipment)
1 noun THEAT in play etcleid fem2  c m uto give a cue leid a thabhairt 2 noun prompt for actionleid fem2  c m unod masc1  c m uthat was my cue to change the subject nod a bhí ansin domsa malairt ábhar cainte a tharraingt anuas
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3 noun PSYCH memory, behaviour triggerleid fem2  c m uciú masc4  c m uvisual cue leid amhairccontextual cue ciú comhthéacs 4 noun GAMES in billiards, etcciú masc4  c m u 5 verb give prompt to TRANSITIVEleid a thabhairt docomhartha a thabhairt docomhartha a dhéanamh lehe cued the band to play some music thug sé comhartha don bhanna beagán ceoil a sheinm 6 verb prompt, remind TRANSITIVEleid a thabhairt domeabhraigh do PhrVcuir i gcuimhne docue me when it's time to start meabhraigh dom nuair a bheidh sé in am tosú 7 verb GAMES in billiards, etc: strike (ball) INTRANSITIVEciúáil verb  c m u 8 verb CINE, MUS (also cue up) program (equipment) TRANSITIVEciúáil verb  c m ufeistigh verb  c m uto cue equipment trealamh a chiúáil, trealamh a fheistiú

on cue

díreach in amhe arrived dead on cue tháinig sé ann díreach in am

to take your cue from

sampla a leanúintthey took their cue from her lean siad an sampla a thug sí