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1. noun PUBL note in book2. verb PUBL add cross-references to3. verb compare information 1 noun PUBL note in bookcrostagairt femit contains cross-references to the sources tá crostagairtí ann do na foinsí 2 verb PUBL add cross-references to TRANSITIVEcrostagairtí a chur isteach ithe photographs are cross-referenced to the written records cuirtear crostagairtí do na taifid scríofa leis na grianghraif 3 verb compare information TRANSITIVEcrostagairt a dhéanamh idirseiceáil in aghaidh a chéilethese names were cross-referenced to spot any connection rinneadh crostagairt idir na hainmneacha seo chun aon cheangal eatarthu a aimsiú


adjective PUBLcrostagarthathe sources are cross-referenced tá na foinsí crostagartha


noun PUBLcrostagairt fem