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1. noun GEOL of volcano 2. noun left by bomb etc 3. noun ASTRON on planet surface4. verb form crater(s) in5. verb BUS-ADM fall abruptly 1 noun GEOL of volcano cráitéar masc  c m u 2 noun left by bomb etc poll masc1  c m uclais fem2  c m ucráitéar masc  c m uit's not a pothole, it's a crater! ní sclaig atá ann ach uachais!shell crater poll sliogáin 3 noun ASTRON on planet surfacecráitéar masc  c m u 4 verb form crater(s) in TRANSITIVEpoll a dhéanamh iit's cratered the yard tá poll mór déanta sa chlós aige, tá poll mór fágtha sa chlós aige 5 verb (US), informal BUS-ADM fall abruptly INTRANSITIVEtit go tobannclis go tobannstock prices have cratered in the past year tá praghas stoc tite go tobann le bliain, tá an tóin tite as praghas stoc le bliain