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Similar words: cramps · camp · champ · clamp · cram · crap · crimp · ramp · tramp · cramped
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1. noun muscle pain2. noun for wood, stone3. verb (of muscles) contract painfully 4. verb restrict, hinder 5. verb bind wood, stone
1 noun muscle paincrampa masc4  c m uI have a cramp in my hand from writing tá tálach i mo lámh ag scríobh, tá crampa i mo lámh ag scríobh 2 noun for wood, stonecrampa masc4  c m u 3 verb (of muscles) contract painfully INTRANSITIVEcrampáil verb  c m ucrampa a theacht imy leg started to cramp tháinig crampa i mo chos 4 verb restrict, hinder TRANSITIVEbac a chur arsrian a chur le 5 verb bind wood, stone
INTRANSITIVEcrampáil verb  c m u
TRANSITIVEcrampáil verb  c m ufáisc le crampa

to cramp sb's style

duine a chur dá bhuillecur as do dhuine