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1. noun child of aunt or uncle2. noun relation through ancestor3. noun BIOL closely related species4. noun person with things in common5. noun similar or related thing 1 noun child of aunt or unclecol ceathrair  c m ucol ceathar  c m u 2 noun relation through ancestorhe's a distant cousin of mine tá gaol i bhfad amach agam leis 3 noun BIOL closely related speciesgaol masc1  c m uour primate cousins ár ngaolta príomhacha 4 noun person with things in commonbráthair masc5  c m ucomhbhráthair masc5  c m uour Celtic cousins ár mbráithre Ceilteacha 5 noun similar or related thingmacasamhail fem3  c m uthe bolero is a cousin of the rumba tá gaol ag an mboiléaró agus an rumba lena chéile