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1. noun MED in childbirth2. noun PHYSIOL of muscle3. noun ECON, BUS-ADM shrinkage in market etc4. noun PHYS physical shrinkage5. noun LING short form 1 noun MED in childbirthcrapadh masc  c m uI started having regular contractions tháinig crapthaí rialta ormher contractions were coming every five minutes bhí na crapthaí á buaileadh gach cúig nóiméad 2 noun PHYSIOL of musclecrapadh masc  c m umuscular contraction crapadh matánachventricular contraction crapadh méadailíneach 3 noun ECON, BUS-ADM shrinkage in market etccúngú masc4  c m ucrapadh masc  c m ucontraction of industry cúngú tionscailmarket contraction cúngú margaidh 4 noun PHYS physical shrinkagecrapadh masc  c m uthermal contraction crapadh teirmeach 5 noun LING short formgiorrúchán masc1  c m u