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1. noun LAW of country, organisation2. noun composition3. noun establishing, formation4. noun MED physical condition5. noun PSYCH mental condition 1 noun LAW of country, organisationbunreacht masc3a written constitution bunreacht scríofa 2 noun compositioncomhdhéanamh masc1  c m uthe constitution of the soil comhdhéanamh na hithreachthe constitution of the committee comhdhéanamh an choiste 3 noun establishing, formationbunú masc  c m ucruthú masc  c m u 4 noun MED physical conditioncoimpléasc masc1  c m u 5 noun PSYCH mental conditioncoimpléasc masc1  c m u


noun LAWbunreacht masc3the Irish Constitution Bunreacht na hÉireann → see constitution

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