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Similar words: consomme · consort · consul · consult · consume · insole · consoling · constable · consolidate · camisole
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1. noun control unit2. noun MUS of organ3. noun COMP for gaming4. noun FURN TV/radio cabinet5. noun FURN bracket6. verb comfort 1 noun control unitconsól masc1bord rialúcháin 2 noun MUS of organclár seanma 3 (also game console, games console) noun COMP for gamingconsól masc1 4 noun FURN TV/radio cabinetconsól masc1caibinéad masc1  c m u 5 noun FURN bracketconsól masc1bracóg fem 6 verb comfort TRANSITIVEsólás a thabhairt doI consoled myself with the thought that it'd soon be over dúirt mé liom féin go mbeadh sé thart sul i bhfad