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also LAW
1 noun sth given to make up for sthcúiteamh masc1  c m uhe was paid compensation for the injuries íocadh cúiteamh leis as na gortuithepersonal injury compensation cúiteamh as díobháil phearsantacompensation claim éileamh ar chúiteamhcompensation package pacáiste cúitimh 2 noun counterbalancing a difficulty with sth positivecúiteamh masc1  c m umoney is no compensation for their pain ní chúiteoidh airgead a bpian leo, ní haon chúiteamh é airgead ar a bpian 3 noun (US) wagesluach saothair  c m utuarastal masc1  c m u masc4  c m u

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