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come for

1 (v + prep) come for a purpose TRANSITIVEtar le haghaidhtar i gcomhairtar faoi choinnethey came for an evening out tháinig siad le haghaidh oíche amachI was asked to come for an interview iarradh orm teacht le haghaidh agallaimh 2 (v + prep) come to fetch TRANSITIVEtar faoi dhéintar le haghaidhtar faoi choinnethe taxi didn't come for her níor tháinig an tacsaí di, níor tháinig an tacsaí faoina coinnethe police came for him tháinig na póilíní faoina dhéin, tháinig na póilíní á lorg → see come

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