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coloured is a grammatical form of: colour »




1. adjective COL having colour2. adjective emotive3. adjective non-white4. adjective of mixed ethnicity5. noun non-white person6. noun person of mixed ethnicity 1 adjective COL having colourdaite adj3  c m uthe paintings are brightly coloured tá dathanna geala sna pictiúircoloured glass gloine dhaite 2 adjective emotiveáibhéalach adj1  c m ucoloured style stíl áibhéalach 3 adjective offensive non-whitede chine daitea coloured person duine de chine daite 4 adjective of mixed ethnicityde chine meascthacoloured children páistí de chine measctha 5 noun offensive non-white personduine de chine daite 6 noun person of mixed ethnicityduine de chine measctha

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