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1. noun country ruled by foreign power2. noun group of settlers 3. noun group of people4. noun segregated group 5. noun group of animals 6. noun mass of micro-organisms 1 noun country ruled by foreign powercoilíneacht fem3  c m uit's a former French colony is iarchoilíneacht de chuid na Fraince é 2 noun group of settlers coilíneacht fem3  c m uJewish colony coilíneacht Ghiúdach 3 noun group of peoplepobal masc1  c m ushe's part of an artists' colony is ball de phobal ealaíontóirí íhippy colony coilíneacht hipithe 4 noun segregated group coilíneacht fem3  c m upenal colony áitreabh pionóis 5 noun group of animals coilíneacht fem3  c m uant colony coilíneacht seangánpuffin colony coilíneacht puifíní 6 noun mass of micro-organismscoilíneacht fem3  c m u

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