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cleaning is a grammatical form of: clean »


1 noun EMPL jobglantachán masc  c m uglanadh masc  c m u
modifierglantacháin  c m uglanta  c m ua cleaning job post glantacháincleaning pays €8 an hour is fiú €8 san uair post glantacháin
2 noun activityglanadh masc  c m uglantachán masc  c m uI need to do the cleaning ní mór dom dul ag glanadh
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3 noun processglanadh masc  c m uit was given a thorough cleaning tugadh fíorghlanadh dó, rinneadh é a sciomradhit'll need regular cleaning caithfear é a ghlanadh go rialta 4 adjective used for cleaningglantacháin  c m uglanta  c m ucleaning products earraí glantacháina cleaning cloth éadach glanta

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