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1. verb in applause2. verb to get attention, express delight, etc3. verb make gesture4. verb slap encouragingly5. noun gesture of applause6. noun encouraging slap7. noun sound
1 verb in applause
INTRANSITIVEbualadh bos a dhéanamhthe audience clapped rinne an lucht féachana bualadh bos
TRANSITIVEbualadh bos a thabhairt dothe crowd clapped him thug an slua bualadh bos dó
2 verb to get attention, express delight, etc INTRANSITIVEdo bhosa a bhualadh ar a chéilehe clapped his hands in delight bhuail sé a bhosa ar a chéile le háthasshe clapped her hands for silence bhuail sí a bosa ar a chéile chun ciúnas a fháil
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3 verb make gesture TRANSITIVEfáisc verb  c m ubuail verb  c m uleag verb  c m uhe clapped his hand over his mouth d'fháisc sé a lámh ar a bhéalshe clapped her hands to her head leag sí a lámha ar a ceann 4 verb slap encouragingly TRANSITIVEbos sa droim a thabhairt dobos sa droim a bhualadh arhe clapped me on the back thug sé bos sa droim dom, bhuail sé bos sa droim orm 5 noun gesture of applausebualadh bos  c m uthere was a polite clap bhí bualadh bos béasach annshe got the biggest clap fuair sí an bualadh bos ba mhó 6 noun encouraging slapshe gave him a clap on the shoulder thug sí boiseog sa ghualainn dó, bhuail sí bos sa ghualainn air 7 noun soundrois fem2  c m uplimp fem2  c m ublosc masc1  c m uthere was a clap of thunder tháinig rois toirní, rinne sé plimp toirní, rinne sé blosc toirní

to clap eyes on sb/sth

informal súil a leagan arwhen I first clapped eyes on her an chéad uair a leag mé súil uirthi