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1. noun small gap2. noun of light (in door etc)3. noun sound4. verb
1 noun small gapbearna bheagscoilt fem2  c m upoll masc1  c m uthere's a chink in the wall tá scoilt sa bhalla 2 noun of light (in door etc)léaró masc  c m uléas masc1  c m u fema chink of light léaró solais, léas solais, dé sholais
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3 noun soundcling fem2  c m uclingireacht femgligleáilgligíneacht femthe chink of the glasses cling na ngloiní, gloiní ag gligleáil 4 verb INTRANSITIVE & TRANSITIVEcling verb  c m ugligleáil verb to chink glasses gloiní a chlingeadh

a chink in sb's armour


a chink in sb's defences

) lochtmarachthe only chink in his armour is his lack of height níl de locht air ach nach bhfuil sé chomh hard sin

a chink of light


a chink of hope

) tuar dóchaisléaró dóchaisit's our only chink of hope sin an t-aon tuar dóchais atá againn, sin a bhfuil d'údar dóchais againn

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