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1. noun LING, ED language2. noun GEOG native, inhabitant etc3. noun FOOD Chinese meal4. adjective LING, ED in or relating to the Chinese language5. adjective GEOG relating to China or the Chinese 1 noun LING, ED languageSínis fem2  c m uhe speaks Chinese tá Sínis aigethey're speaking Chinese tá siad ag labhairt Sínise, tá siad ag labhairt i Sínisdo you know any Chinese? an bhfuil aon Sínis agat?how do you say 'Ireland' in Chinese? cén chaoi a ndeirtear 'Éire' i Sínis?what's the Chinese for 'food'? cad é an tSínis ar 'bia'?say that in Chinese abair é sin i Sínisa film in Chinese scannán Sínisehe's doing Chinese at university tá sé ag déanamh Sínise ar an ollscoilshe has a degree in Chinese tá céim sa tSínis aici 2 noun GEOG native, inhabitant etcSíneach masc1  c m ushe's a Chinese is Síneach í
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3 noun FOOD Chinese mealbéile SíneachI ordered a Chinese d'ordaigh mé béile Síneach, d'ordaigh mé Síneach 4 adjective LING, ED in or relating to the Chinese languageSínise  c m ua Chinese book leabhar Sínisethe Chinese language an tSínisa Chinese word focal SíniseChinese class rang SíniseChinese dictionary foclóir SíniseChinese exam scrúdú SíniseChinese teacher múinteoir Sínise 5 adjective GEOG relating to China or the ChineseSíneach  c m u(de chuid) na Sínehe's Chinese is Síneach éa Chinese soldier saighdiúir Síneach, saighdiúir de chuid na Sínethe Chinese government rialtas na Síne