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1. verb talk in informal way2. verb TELECOM exchange messages3. noun occasion of talking informally4. noun informal talk in general5. noun TELECOM exchange of messages 1 verb talk in informal way INTRANSITIVEbheith ag caintbheith ag comhrádreas cainte a dhéanamhwe sat and chatted with people shuíomar síos ag caint le daoinethey chatted for a while rinne siad tamall comhrá, rinne siad dreas cainte 2 verb TELECOM exchange messages INTRANSITIVEbheith ag comhrácomhrá a dhéanamhthey chat online bíonn siad ag comhrá ar líne
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3 noun occasion of talking informallydreas caintecomhrá masc4  c m uhe had a chat with Cliodhna about school labhair sé le Cliodhna faoin scoil 4 noun informal talk in generalcaint agus comhráidle chat baothchaint, cadráil 5 noun TELECOM exchange of messagescomhrá masc4  c m ujoin our web chat each Monday bí páirteach inár gcomhrá ar líne gach Luanchat forum fóram comhrágroup chat comhrá grúpa

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