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Similar words: charge · charger · charred · chafed · chained · chalked · change · changer · chapped · chard
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charged is a grammatical form of: charge »


1 adjective issue, emotion, etccorrach adj1  c m ucorraitheach adj1  c m ucoscrach adj1  c m ugoilliúnach adj1  c m uteasaí adj3  c m ua very emotionally charged issue ceist an-ghoilliúnach, ceist an-íogaira highly charged debate díospóireacht theasaímy sadness was charged with guilt bhí ciontacht trí mo chuid bróin, bhí aiféala orm chomh maith le brón 2 adjective PHYS, ELECTRICluchtaithe  c m uthat phone is now charged tá an fón sin luchtaithe anois

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