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1. noun ARCHIT, POLICE, REL room2. noun BIOL, MED of organism3. noun COMP in spreadsheet, etc4. noun in honeycomb, etc5. noun POL, MIL small group6. noun ELECTRIC electricity-producing device7. noun TELECOM cellphone 1 noun ARCHIT, POLICE, REL roomcillín masc4  c m uhe spent the night in the cells chaith sé an oíche sa chillín, chaith sé an oíche faoi ghlas, chaith sé an oíche sa chrúiscín informal 2 noun BIOL, MED of organismcill fem2  c m uanimal cell cill ainmhícancer cell cill ailseplant cell cill phlandacell division cilldeighiltbacterial cell cill bhaictéarachliving cell cill bheo
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3 noun especially COMP in spreadsheet, etccill fem2  c m u 4 noun in honeycomb, etccadhain fem2  c m u 5 noun POL, MIL small groupcill fem2  c m uto form a cell cill a bhunú, buíon a bhunú 6 noun ELECTRIC electricity-producing devicecill fem2  c m u 7 noun TELECOM, informal (US) cellphonefón póca  c m uguthán póca  c m u

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