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buzzing is a grammatical form of: buzz »


1. noun ZOOL sound of insect2. noun ELECTRIC, ENG sound of machine3. noun sound inside head4. adjective ZOOL (of insect) make sound5. adjective making sound6. adjective (of place) full of excitement7. adjective (of person) excited 1 noun ZOOL sound of insectdordán masc1  c m useabhrán masc1  c m ucrónán masc1  c m u 2 noun ELECTRIC, ENG sound of machineseabhrán masc1  c m udordán masc1  c m u
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3 noun sound inside headseabhrán masc1  c m upíobarnach fem2 4 adjective ZOOL (of insect) make soundatá ag dordánatá ag seabhránatá ag crónánthe only sound was that of the buzzing bees ní raibh le cloisteáil ach crónán na mbeach 5 adjective making soundatá ag seabhránatá ag dordánshe was awakened by a buzzing phone dhúisigh seabhrán fóin íthey heard a buzzing sound chuala siad dordán éigin 6 adjective (of place) full of excitementspleodrach adj1  c m ubeo bríomharthe whole place was buzzing bhí an áit ina thine bhruite, bhí sceitimíní ar cháchthe buzzing atmosphere of the festival atmaisféar spleodrach na féile 7 adjective (of person) excitedtógtha  c m ucorraithe  c m uar bís  c m uwe were all buzzing when we heard bhí sceitimíní orainn go léir nuair a chualamar, bhíomar ar fad an-tógtha nuair a chualamar