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1. adjective of vehicle, object2. adjective of clothing3. adjective immune to defeat or challenge4. verb make safe from bullets5. verb make immune to challenge 1 adjective of vehicle, objectpiléardhíonach adj1díonach ar philéirbulletproof glass gloine philéardhíonach 2 adjective of clothingpiléardhíonach adj1díonach ar philéirbulletproof vest veist philéardhíonach 3 adjective informal immune to defeat or challengedochloíte adj3dosháraithe adj3  c m utheir defence was bulletproof bhí a gcosantóirí dochloíte 4 verb make safe from bullets TRANSITIVEto bulletproof a car cosaint philéardhíonach a chur ar charr 5 verb make immune to challenge TRANSITIVEhe bulletproofed the statement before it was released chinntigh sé go raibh an ráiteas saor ó locht sular eisíodh é