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break out

1 (v + adv) begin INTRANSITIVEtosaigh verb  c m uthe war broke out in 1914 thosaigh an cogadh in 1914, bhris an cogadh amach in 1914an argument broke out thosaigh argóint, tharla achrannfire broke out in the house chuaigh an teach trí thine, chuaigh an teach le thinedisease broke out among the people tháinig aicíd ar na daoinehe broke out in a rash tháinig gríos air, tháinig gríos ar a chraiceann, tháinig screamh ar a chraiceann 2 (v + adv) escape
INTRANSITIVEéalaigh verb  c m uthey decided to break out of the prison bheartaigh siad éalú as an bpríosún, bheartaigh siad briseadh amach as an bpríosúnto break out of poverty éalú ón mbochtaineacht
TRANSITIVEsaor verb  c m uthey broke him out of jail shaor siad é ón bpríosún, rinne siad é a shaoradh ón bpríosún
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3 (v + adv) serve TRANSITIVEwe'll break out the champagne if we win osclóimid buidéal champagne má bhuaimid → see break

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