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Similar words: boxed in · blow in · book in · bed in · box up · boxing · buy in · do in · go in · log in
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box in

1 (v + adv) hem in TRANSITIVEsáinnigh verb  c m ucuibhrigh verb  c m u 2 (v + adv) prevent sb from doing what they want TRANSITIVEsáinnigh verb  c m ucuir i sáinn VPlaincisí a chur ar VP 3 (v + adv) get the better of TRANSITIVEan ceann is fearr a fháil arbob a bhualadh ar 4 (v + adv) enclose TRANSITIVEbosca a chur thart ar VPclúdaigh verb  c m u → see box

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