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1. noun ANAT of person2. noun ZOOL of animal, bird3. noun of object4. verb fill with air etc5. verb make sth fill with air etc
1 noun informal ANAT of personbolg masc1  c m u 2 noun ZOOL of animal, birdbolg masc1  c m utarr masc1 3 noun literary of objectbolg masc1  c m uthe belly in the sail bolg an tseoil 4 verb (also belly out) fill with air etc INTRANSITIVElíon verb  c m ubolg verb  c m uthe sails were bellying in the wind bhí na seolta ag líonadh sa ghaoth, bhí na seolta ag bolgadh sa ghaoth 5 verb (also belly out) make sth fill with air etc TRANSITIVElíon verb  c m ubolg verb  c m u

to go belly up

informalthe company went belly up last year thit an tóin as an gcomhlacht anuraidh